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55-59 Chrystie Street, Suite B105
New York, NY, 10002

By Appointment Only, 212 334 3707

Kaitha Het Heru. KHH Studio. The Temple Beautiful
The Master Peace Collection: A Woman's Work:
My Art & My Textiles.
One of a Kind. Limited Editions. Heirloom Handwoven Textiles for the Home and Personal Adornment.  SHE POTS Clay Sculpture. Ceramics. Mixed Media Art Quilts. Fine Art Prints. Kaitha Het Heru Couture.  Inspired by nature; Goddess themes; and the symbology and craft traditions of ancient Africa Khamit (pre-Egypt), and African cultures.

At KHHLM STUDIO: The Tradition Continues
A Weaving studio and showroom for Khamit Nit Men: Khamit Cloth Weavings: hand woven textile fabrics by Kaitha Het Heru. 





Artist Statement

Artist Statement

"Making sacred things to grace the spaces you call home...to make your every day sacred...your every day beautiful is my creative purpose."


Kaitha Het Heru weaving Khamit Nit Men: Khamit Cloth Weavings on her 45" floor loom.  Photo by Kmur Hardeman.

Kaitha Het Heru weaving Khamit Nit Men: Khamit Cloth Weavings on her 45" floor loom.  Photo by Kmur Hardeman.

The Tradition Continues...

I am a native New Yorker, born and raised in the Village of Harlem, New York. As a very young girl, my parents introduced me to a rich cultural inheritance: my native African American history, and my ancient African Khamit (pre-Egypt) spiritual and cultural legacy.

My appreciation and love for African culture, music, art and craft, ancient symbols, and Goddess-centered spirituality, awakened the artist within me.

The Work of Many Generations...

"Mama", my grandmother, instructed me in the art of sewing which she learned from her mother.

A skilled seamstress, Mama would sew without a pattern.  She would place the fabric down on the table and cut out the garment.

I still remember a dress I wanted to have made.  It had to have a very wide, full, flared skirt.  As I danced, I wanted the fullness of the skirt to whirl around me.  "No problem," Mama said.  I wore that dress with pride to a party.

My mother taught me the needle arts of knitting, crocheting, and tailoring.

My father instilled in me the love of music.  Jazz was his favorite. Monk. Charlie Parker. the Modern Jazz Quartet (MJQ).

Feeding My Soul...

 I use a wide range of materials to express my artistic vision.  I am as apt to work on one of my many looms hand weaving cloth, as I am to express my vision via clay, mosaics, fiber art quilts or print making,

There is something soothing and meditative about the rhythmic movement of the beater on my loom as I create cloth one thread at a time; the hum of the sewing machine connecting cloth to cloth; the clicking of knitting needles; the smoothness of a crochet hook; and the feel of wet clay on my hands that heals my body, calms the mind and feeds my soul.

In creating The Master Peace Collection, A Woman's Work: My Art & My Textiles, I am expressing my heart's song; in addition, I am celebrating the ancestral voice, spirit, and vibrancy of my ancient African Khamitic culture, and the holy-ness of The Earth Mother.

I believe that when we notice the beauty in everyday life, it reconnects us to the Well-Spring of Creativity, The Source-dress, and reminds us of the sacredness of planet Earth.

What Inspires Me?

I am a weaver of light which is expressed through color.  Color conveys the energy and healing properties of light. The colors of the yarns I select for the weavings provide healing energy to the wearer of the hand woven cloth.  

I am inspired by the colors of nature, sun light shining through the dancing leaves; every day is another master peace,  Songstress Billy Holiday, Jazz Artist Miles Davis. The shapes and forms I noticed in the Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona on a recent trip ignited an idea for The Guardian Mother Clay Sculpture series.  Sometimes, it's as simple as finding a small pebble while walking the streets of Manhattan,   And, yep, I am fascinated with the idea that dinosaurs existed and unicorns and mermaids.  Goddess themes, texts, all influence the creation of a Master Peace.


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Master Peace.  Simply Divine.
Kaitha Het Heru.
 Artisan, Muse Mentor